Mega Tales

MT #1 Anniversary Issue
Mega Tales #1 Read the first issue here online or go to theMCG Stores and download a pdf or order the print copy.

Mega Tales #1Tess is a young lady who is a living tesseract. She comes from another dimension and in our dimension she can teleport herself or just about anything else just about any where. She manifests the power in a number of ways other than teleportation and she has a cute little 4th dimensional dog with a very high I.Q. named Nostradamus. In short: we are 3D beings, Tess and Nostradamus are 4D beings. This is a 10 page preview of the 28 page, never before published, story which was slated to be relased by Dimension Graphics in 1986 as a Full Color Independent Comic. Market conditions at the time prevented that from happening, but we are happy to bring it to you now! Mega Tales #1! The 10 page preview is FREE to read in this very Web Browser! Get your printed or digital copies of the FULL 28 page story in FULL COLOR on the MCG Stores page.